Table top and commercial

Like taking candy from a baby

Food advertising does not always have to be about baking cookies with grandma. While comfort and nostalgia are excellent ties to your audience, other strategies, such as hanger, distinguishing yourself from competitors or even a small challenge, can work just as well, if not better. As customers consume so much content on a daily basis, it is not such a bad thing to stand out. 

It’s worth
a shoot

How do you stand out as a brand?

One way to build a unique brand that stands out from its competitors and shape your identity is by taking professional food photos. The photos reflect who you are and allow the consumer to know who you are with a glance – an indie brand working on a greener Earth or a fun and creative chocolatier. 

High-quality tabletop food photography also takes your branding and marketing from the average to the cream of the crop, helping to increase sales and attract new customers. Visually engaging content has the power to make your consumers stop in their tracks, wide-eyed, tickle their taste buds and say, “I want that!”

Bee inspired.

Let’s cut to the cheese.

We do exactly that! We create food photos for commercial use with a touch of magic, which means that your advertising and campaigns seem extra magical and delicious. We develop concepts, style, produce, photograph, and carry out all post-production work by ourselves. We create the perfect setting by combining a wide range of equipment, props, surfaces and backdrops. 

Being inherently creative people who love to think out of the box, we love taking the road less travelled, but we have a way of reaching the destination on time. After all, it is what matters. We pride ourselves in our home-built contraceptions that cut down your costs by a significant margin, while not compromising on the quality of the finished product.

So let’s talk and levitate your next magazine spread or advertising campaign, or even your social media pages with a sprinkle of magic that your audience can’t resist.

Build your brand and let us bring the magic home.

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