Restaurants and cafes

Let’s dig in

If you looked at a restaurant’s website and saw poorly lit photos of the food, would you consider eating there? What if a food blogger shared their recipes with blurry images? Would you follow the recipe? Probably not. 

It is as simple as that: if your food looks delicious, it is only natural that more people will come back to your business. So getting the perfect photo is crucial for the success of your business. Plainly put, food photography is the bread and butter of any food-based industry.

Pasta la vista!

Yes, I realize that food photography is important, but can’t I just use my phone?

The simple answer is no. While photographing the food by yourself may seem like the easiest way to get some pictures on the website, food photography is much more than taking photos of a plate of food. It’s about finding the most flattering angle, picking the right colours, taking into account the light, composition, and capturing the intricate details of the food while telling a compelling story. And your phone’s camera cannot pick up the right colours or capture the textures of the different elements in the dish. 

In addition to the knowledge of shooting, you also need the necessary equipment – unique lighting systems, high-quality lenses, the ability to work with them, editing software and, of course, an artistic taste. 

The perfect blend

Here is where I come in.

As a professional food photographer, I bring all the necessary equipment and a creative eye and know the nuances of working with every ingredient in a dish. I like to think of food photography as a painting; you start with a blank canvas and build each layer on each layer to create a photo that is the perfect balance of reality and art.

Food photography, drink photography (link), food styling, prop styling and recipe development for everything from spicy to sweet and everything in between is my forte. I love working closely with food bloggers, content creators, magazines, cookbook authors, pastry chefs, restaurants and cafes (link), advertising agencies (link) and many other people in the food industry, and helping to take their photos from ordinary to extraordinary.

It is not easy to take pictures of food that focuses on the rich and vibrant colours, all the intricate textures, and tell a story, but that is why you should consider me for your next project: it’s worth it!

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