Food and desserts

It’s a piece of cake

Are you finding it challenging to market your restaurant to the new generation of smartphone-attached clientele? An effortless way to attract their attention is to have mouth-watering images of your food online. As attention span gets shorter and shorter, the saying “People eat with their eyes” will not change anytime soon. A tastefully (pardon my pun) authentic food photo shoot speaks louder than words for such a customer-centric industry.

Time to Syrup some fun photos

Hiring a professional food photographer is an excellent marketing strategy.

Food photos help you, the owner of the restaurant, build a brand that stands out. Whether you are a chain of luxury hotels with equally luxurious and decadent food, or a small mom-and-pop cafe that focuses on creating delicious food to feed hungry mouths, or a pub with a line of drinks waiting to be photographed alongside the tasty pub menu, you now control what you want to show the world and shape your restaurant identity. With food photography, you start letting your customers experience your restaurant in the online world even before they step in. 

For this reason, you want someone to make your food as good as it tastes and make your customers crave your food and desserts (link). As a professional food photographer, I remain authentic to the dish and at the same time add my creative flair by creating a story around the dish with props, lighting, textures and styling. I like to focus on the intricate details in the food; after all, the devil is in the details. 

We bake it happen!

Want your patrons to eat with their eyes? Contact us and we will show you how many eyes we can grab.

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