What says refreshing better than a tall glass of completely dripping, condensation-covered, ice-cold lemonade? You can almost picture the condensation dripping down the glass, can’t you? Or what about a cup of hot chocolate? You can practically feel the warmth of the crackling fire as you sit and grab the cup of hot chocolate as you settle in for a cosy evening.

Just brew it

Why should you
photograph drinks?

Drink photography has strong emotional effects. It’s more than just pouring liquid into a glass – photographing drinks can be an art form by itself. And when done correctly, it has the power to make us lust for that icy cold glass of lemonade on a hot day.

Great drink photos capture the texture, colour, emotion and lifestyle behind the liquid in the glass. As with food photography (link), drink photography is a multi-faceted process. One needs to find the perfect drinkware, set up and style the scene, and light it well to capture every bubble, condensation drip, steam or swirl. Drinks are notoriously difficult to style and photograph. Therefore, you need a skilled photographer who can capture the essence of the drink, and elevate the drink to new heights.


Raise the glass with us.

When we photograph drinks, we let our imagination run wild and pride ourselves on thinking outside the glass. We love adding a little bit of magic to all kinds of liquids and beverages – coffee, beer, wine, cocktails, liquor, splashes or pours, you name it. Whether it’s a delicately perched glass of wine with elegance and grace, or a mind-blowing cup of coffee. Our macro lens allows us to get up and close and get every detail of the liquid and imitate its authentic behaviour.

We make your consumers say, “I want that” and want to reach out and grab that drink for themselves. And we are definitely your cup of tea.

Let us think outside the glass with you

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